Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Perhaps writing this on our blog will publicly commit me to study regularly now for the oral boards. The oral boards are the final step in obtaining accreditation as an OB/GYN. My exam is scheduled for the week of Jan 10th and will occur in Dallas. Anybody know anything about Dallas?

Part of the exam is reviewing the patients I took care of from June 2009-June 2010. As I begin reading over the list and reviewing the specific aspects of each case I'm reminded how different medicine was in Kenya. Even finding information about some of these problems is challenging.

I am also reminded that I did see and experience both the tragic and triumphant in the lives of these patients. Even though my list no longer has their names I remember them by their stories and I remember seeing God's healing hand in many of their lives. It is good to be reminded of this having left Kenya immediately after the hearing.


Anonymous said...

George Bush lives there and he is building a library. Dad

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara,
My cousin Alan has lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for probably 30 plus years. He is a great, gentle guy who is in the Oil Gas biz. If you have any specific questions I know he would be happy to answer them. Just let me know.
Kathy in Bend