Friday, July 23, 2010

Who do you write like?

Occasionally readers of our blog tell us they can't determine if it is Sara or Malin blogging (unless the blog title is Marvelous Molars or Lithotomy Position) of which case it becomes quite obvious.  Sara and I think differently.  I tend to use deductive reasoning (observations about the world).  Sara is a stronger writer using inductive reasoning (observations within one's self).  Sara's blogs often tell a story to convey an emotion; grief.  My blogs are filled with statistics to lend power behind an argument; poverty.   Ask me (Malin) to describe an Apple: red, round, about the size of a fist, hard.  Ask Sara to describe an Apple: you can use it to make Apple Pie, Granny Smiths taste sour, in the Autumn they can be made into Apple Cider. It should follow that our writing styles would find our own voices.  I thought I would put that claim to a test.  

"I write like" ( is a website that claims to find which famous writer you write like.  The process is simple. Cut and paste a story, blog, e-mail, or letter you have written and you will find your author-double. 

As I clicked on the site I began to wonder who would be my author-double-ganger(Malcolm Gladwell--great sociologist, JD Salinger--recluse, Rick Reilly--humorous sports journalist).  So I pasted 8 different blog entries into “I write Like”  Five of those said Malin you write like Dan Brown (The Lost Symbol, DaVinci Code).  I’ve heard literary gurus claim Brown is  hack, but on the upside he’s popular, entertaining, but also hard to decipher between fact or fiction.  

Sara's author double-ganger is split between Earnest Hemingway (novelist-A Farewell to Arms) and Mary Shelley (Frankenstein).   

So who do you write like?


Megan said...

I had just heard about that website. Funny!

Sarah said...

My most popular was also Dan Brown. I would not have guessed that