Sunday, December 27, 2009


Christmas Eve delivered a special blessing for my dear patient, Leah. She had seen me numerous times during this pregnancy and I had been doing weekly dopplers, BPPs, and exams because previously she delivered a baby that died 1 hour after birth and had a stillbirth at 38 weeks. After much worry about when I should do a repeat C/S to deliver her 3rd girl, she started complaining of decreased fetal movement. And so at 36 weeks I decided it was time. Leah sobbed seeing a live, crying little girl and of course that made me start to cry for joy as well. Her daughter had the cord wrapped around her neck twice, but did great with Apgars of 9, 10 (no baby ever gets a 10 in the States, but they do here all the time!). How we prayed for this outcome and God graciously gave Leah what she desired most this Christmas.

As you may also see in the picture, more hats from arrived from the States on Christmas Eve. Thanks Laurel for sending them and for those who made them. It was wonderful to give them out Christmas Eve as a reminder of Jesus' coming to earth in the form of a baby.


Anonymous said...

Tears of joy for this little gift. What is her name?

Praise Jesus,

Anonymous said...

What a precious Christmas Eve gift for you and for Leah. Praise the Lord. Our Ugandan visitors for the week make us think of Kijabe and miss all of you, the country and its people. Grammie

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful blessing. I'm so happy for you and Leah. Jennifer