Sunday, December 27, 2009

Crashing Rain, Baking @ High Elevation, & Arriving at Church 5 Minutes Early

It seemed nearly a miracle that all the Friess Family including our bible books, crayons, boots, jackets, etc arrived at AIC Kijabe Church at 8:25 AM 5 minutes before church was to begin. The pews were empty as we entered the sanctuary and for an instant we thought we had come at the wrong time. But indeed we must have been blessed because we were early. "Please come sit on the front row," the worship leader said. "

And you (pointing to Sara), you must sing well. Please pick up a microphone and sing with our worship leaders." Sara joined the worship team and led our congregation in "Shine, Jesus Shine."

The results of baking a cake at High Elevation of Kijabe (6,545 ft). Maybe some of you in Colorado can relate.

We do not underestimate the power of your prayers. As you can see the rains have come again in abundance like they never have in the past 3 years! This area of Kenya will be blessed to have crops grow again and food on the table.


The Friess Family said...

Luthien's Kennel in the background.

Anonymous said...

May you have a blessed week, Friess family. Hey, I would love to have an Africa dot on my visitor map. If you have any time - lol - could you send me a comment on my blog so that dot will appear?

I'll bet the cake tasted good. I so remember moving from sea level to Bend at 3600 ft and having to figure out the baking issue.

It is a privilege to pray for each of you.

Sail on, Kathy

Anonymous said...

oops, my blog is 5 Cats And The Truth.

Thanks, Kathy

Ana said...

Loved this post!
So, for high altitude baking, decrease the baking powder by half and increase the temp by about 25 degrees. And if you're backing something that has a liquid in it, add a couple more teaspoons of water. Your cooking time may be less, but you'll just have to watch it!

Anonymous said...

Meredith, your dress is all wet, but I know that it is not cold. Grammie

Anonymous said...

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