Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Please Help Meredith" by Amelia

Because Amelia is on a year round school calendar she has been out of school since before Thanksgiving. Meredith and Amelia have done everything together including sand-box, peanut-butter spoon snacks, matching game, taking Luthien for walks, playing in the Hammock, coloring, etc. Sometimes they are happy sisters together like above.

Sometimes they can't go 1 minute without "Meredith did this, Amelia did that" conversation. If you can read the sign Amelia wrote on the ladder to her bunk-bed you can see that "little kids are not allowed." (I wonder who?)

Amelia wrote this sign on her own (we only helped her spell nicer). We reacted first maybe the way you are with a pleasant smirk, but then thought maybe we should take this a little more seriously. Amelia and Meredith together can be a combustible mix of incredibly sensitive 6 year-old and a rambunctious, loud, carefree 3-year old. The one usually in tears is the 6 year old.

So I did ask Amelia what Meredith had done to not be nice? "Daddy, like the time Meredith bit my pinkie, or wrecked my legos, or wripped my drawing, or pulled by hair, or hit my face in the bath-tub, or pushed me in the hammock, or stepped on my feet in the sand-box, or worst of all hurt my feelings."

Sisters, everyone says SOMEDAY they will be best friends!


Anonymous said...

Oh the stories I could tell - and my sister too. She even still carries a scar on her lip from a push into the piano bench - and she still uses it to get to me.

Today we are so close and have so much fun together. Sisters are the absolute best gift the Lord could have given us - oh, don't tell my brother.

Thanks for the dot on my visitors map. It made me smile this morning.

Prayers for a blessed day,

Megan said...

Reminds me of Beezus and Ramona :). But nothing is sweeter than the sounds of your kids playing together nicely.