Tuesday, June 23, 2009


As cute as our 2.5 year old daughter Meredith is I am convinced that her right thumb is a vector. A vector is a carrier that transmits a disease from one party to another.
It starts with Meredith putting her Crocs in her mouth, picking up chameleons and grasshoppers, or eating food off the floor.  Then we say Meredith "Stop!"  Her right thumb immediately goes into her mouth. 
She has become a vector.  She then proceeds to share your drink, put your spoon in her mouth to eat your cereal, or give you a slobbery kiss.  Walllaaaa- The family is sick!
      All of the family has running noses, sore throats, and are very tired.  But she is cute...


jennifer said...

I remember having a stuffy nose all the time in Kenya...i think it was the pollution!! she is so cute! i wish cambell would suck his thumb, at 4.5 months he still has no comfort item...ahhhhh
love you guys!

Anonymous said...

On short term mission trips with kids we used to come up with elaborate schemes to keep their hands away from their mouths - and these were teenagers.
Many prayers for those darned bugs.
Love to you today,
Bend, OR

Eric said...

It's time for Meredith to get a sax to put into her mouth instead. But bugs are everywhere - plenty of them right here in Akron. We continue enjoying reading of your adventures, and miss you on the walks through the neighborhood.