Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Uplifted by honest people in this world..

Completing our 2008 Tax Forms while in Kenya was an enormous task.  Trying to compile all the needed signatures, forms, and receipts and then have them delivered to an accountant in the United States via family and unreliable internet was a cause of stress.  
The stress and uncertainly continued as we waited and waited for our refund to be deposited electronically into our checking account.  April came and went and our refund and not been seen. May came and went and still we saw no sign of our refund.  June came and still their was no sign of our refund.   Of course we contacted our accountant and we're told the funds had been deposited in early May to our account.  If the funds were deposited it was not our account.
It was all an amazing blunder.  A distant relative of Sara's with a similar first name (spelled Sarah), a similar middle name (just Elizabeth instead of Beth), obviously same last name Cichowski, and same birth year had received our rebate. This happened because her sister worked for this accountant some years back and they pulled her old bank records rather than using ours. Thankfully Sarah Elizabeth Cichowski called the IRS to say the refund was not hers after it had been deposited into her account. She also called her mom, who called my grandma, to find out what other Sara Cichowski's she knew. Then my grandma called my mom and well now we know the rest of the story. We truly are grateful for her honesty and integrity. 


Anonymous said...

My word. There was lots more to this story than I realized. Maybe you will meet the other Sarah Cichowski someday Sara. We are praying for a quick resolution from the IRS so that you can have your tax refund. Get well everyone. My mother tried a glove on Uncle Clark's thumb to prevent him from sucking it with no luck!

Pastor Amy said...

Wow. What a great story. Glad it has been resolved.