Saturday, June 27, 2009

Little Women

Mom read the book "Little Women," to me as a child and I remember it well. Last night, the RVA high school did a theatrical production of Little women. Amelia and I went together. Before it began I warned her that Beth dies and that the actors were just "pretending and no one really died." Well, the play version turned out to be different than the story and Beth lived. So, at the end of the 3 hour production Amelia said, "Mom,  why did you think Beth died?" Anyway, even though the play was not true to the book, it's fun to have opportunities to take Amelia to theater. Maybe I'll read her the book someday as well. 

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Pastor Amy said...

I'm impressed that Amelia could sit through a three-hour play! I love Little Women and look forward to reading it to my kids someday too. Yes, even Quinn! He's already asking for Fancy Nancy right alongside "I Love Trucks" so I'm hopeful he'll sit for Little Women too! :)