Monday, June 8, 2009

Baby Hats

Thank you to all at Westminster Presbyterian who lovingly made baby hats for the NICU. Also a big thank you to Laurel for getting these hats shipped. The mothers were grateful and the little ones now warm. As you can see from the pictures we have some babies that barely make 2 pounds. Mothers are required to come every 3 hours to feed, bathe and change their newborn. Some do this for 2-3 months while their little one grows. We previously gave out about 40 hats, then today another 40, and the nurse in charge will distribute the rest, which I think totals over 200 hats!  What a blessing to these young lives and their exhausted mothers. I wish those of you who made hats could've been there! Again, thanks.

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Megan said...

Beautiful hats - what a thoughtful gift!