Sunday, June 7, 2009


When we moved into our current place we inherited a house helper called Rosalyn. We had heard she was wonderful with children, kind, and hard working. However, during that month she sat around most of the time, seemingly to have no energy for any thing that we asked of here. Soon, it became clear she was sick. We offered to pay for her to go to the hospital and initially she refused. When she finally went, she needed 2 weeks of antibiotics to treat the meningitis. She also needed a CAT scan which revealed multiple brain masses. After looking at the scan I suspected lymphoma of the brain which has a 3 month life expectancy. This Saturday Rosalyn died. Knowing she loved Jesus, we rejoice for her life. However, her daughter is now orphaned and only in primary school. Please pray as friends and family decide how best to care for this little girl. 

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Anonymous said...

What sad news for rosalyn and her family. She was very kind to me when I arrived in Tenwek. Thank you for caring about her and her soul.
Love, Grammie