Wednesday, March 25, 2009


We have begun swahili lessons this week. Malin had already learned "open" and "close." I had learned key phrases like, "Are you bleeding? Is the baby moving?" "Are you contracting?" None, of these were very useful for everyday conversation, so we're looking forward to learning more. 

The girls had a tea party with Grammie today and we traveled to an orphanage nearby for a brief visit.  Our kids played with some of the 36 children that live there. As Amelia complained tonight that I had not put enough sugar on her cereal (yes, I let her have cereal for dinner sometimes because our "big" meal is now lunch) I reminded her that today she saw children without food, and parents to help prepare their food. I hope one lesson Amelia and Meredith gain while living here, is that they are blessed and that should result in a grateful heart. 

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Anonymous said...

Just love to see your smiling faces and am so anxious to hug you all--my, has Meredith grown!