Sunday, March 29, 2009


This sadly is the last full day with Grammie. We've had a wonderful time and the girls enjoyed all the reading, game playing and coloring. Malin and I often feel that the most challenging part of being here is being so far away from family and friends. 
Meredith's stomach
 has refused to contain food the past couple days. When Amelia found out the next morning that Meredith had been vomiting she commented, "Mommy, I'm very sad Meredith is sick, but I think she's awfully lucky to get to stay up with you." 

This is also the last school week as teacher Sarah returns home. This will be an adjustment as Amelia really enjoyed school and it gave her a pattern to her days. We hope to continue math and reading until she starts at Rift Valley Academy in September. 
In light of the above please join us in praying for:
1)A safe trip home for Grammie and safe travel for my parents and sister Ana as they come in 12 days.
2) Healing for Meredith.
3) Patience for Malin and I as we resume homeschooling and diligence for Amelia.

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Megan N said...

I know Grammie loved visiting you. Is Meredith better?