Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mara Visit

We traveled to the Mara this weekend to see the animals. Living just about 40km from it we couldn't wait to see some of the wildlife. The roads leading there take over 2 hours to travel, so when we arrived Malin jumped for joy. 
The girls enjoyed driving around and seeing animals as much as we did. Amelia was most impressed by the giraffes and Meredith by the elephants. I thought one of the most impressive sites was this sunset. The vastness of the Mara was truly stunning. We often sing in church an old hymn entitled "There's a Wideness in God's Mercy" this picture reminds me of that truth.
We look forward to spending one more week with Grammie. And are also excited to see my parents and sister Ana come early May. 

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Anonymous said...

Love these photos. Sara, I love the reference to the old hymn and there sure is a wideness to God's mercy. I know that in my life every day. I have a new dog picture to post. I think the girls will like it so will try to get it up soon.

May there always be a laffing dawg in your day.
Bend, OR