Thursday, December 11, 2008

New things

Malin and I have seen lots of new things this week. For myself, these include a 6 year old injured while trying to pick mangos  and a 60 year old woman who was bent over picking beans only to have a cow kick her (since you know my speciality you can probably figure out where these injuries were located). Both are recovering well from surgery. 

Malin also had the opportunity to see 1 of the 7 C-sections I did in the past 3 days. And he went to the OR as well to assist in a jaw fracture and cleft lip. This morning's c-section was a woman that had been admitted the past 3 weeks for severe pre-eclampsia. She had only 1 living child and 3 dead children and we were trying to wait as long as safe for her health prior to delivery so that this baby would not be too premature. We prayed before the c-section (as we pray before any surgery) and then delivered a 1100 gram vigorous baby boy. She began crying and praising God for an alive child.  Please join us in praying that this baby will grow strong and live, also that Lillian will have a safe recovery. The pictures are of a c-section for twin boys and Malin wiring a jaw with Dr. Kuyaya (Tenwek's dentist).


Grammie said...

We love reading about what you are doing as a family day by day. It is good to know how God is using all of you. The photos help us to visualize where you are. Amelia, that is quite the shiner. Keep playing with your new friends. Happy second birthday to you, sweet Meredith who is now two. Of course I was sorry to miss your phone call Malin. Love, Grammie

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Amy McGuire said...

Sara and family,
Rhonda gave me your address to your site. It is wonderful to see the work you are doing. God is definatly using you. I will continue to pray for you.
Amy McGuire