Monday, December 8, 2008

New games

This weekend we rested, hiked, baked cookies, and shared a meal with friends. Amelia and her friends made a "village" out of some bushes. They each owned certain products and traded them for other goods.  There is also a trampoline here which the girls have enjoyed playing on. I'm really appreciating how much the girls play outside and are using their imaginations. Above our some pictures of the animals we've encountered.  Meredith enjoyed feeding giraffes, but Amelia was too scared. On the other hand, Amelia will hold any reptile (something I prefer not to touch!). 

Malin went to the OR today for a facial tumor. I have to head there as well for a repeat C-section. Thankfully I had a short break this morning to homeschool and e-mail.


Anonymous said...

Aren't children adaptable!!! A great life lesson for us who are a bit older.

Frost on the ground and clear skies above make for such a great Central Oregon day. Will meet with our prayer group at Madelle's later today and will certainly pray for you all.

You are off and running or should I say, serving, in such a great way.

Blessings to you all, Kathy Bend, OR

Grammie said...

I knew those sweet little girls were too smart for their own good.
Love, Grammie

Daniel said...

The girls look so cute..obvious I know...Hey it was great to have some time with you all. Stay safe, and stay in're always in my prayers.


jennifer said...

Oh I just love seeing the pics! Ameila looks so happy! what an amazing experience. I hope you have time to keep a separate journal that Amelia and Mer will enjoy reading long after this experience!! ENJOY! I think of you often in my old stoping grounds!!