Saturday, December 13, 2008

On Being a Missionary

When I grew up (Malin writing now) I always thought missionaries were kind of peculiar people.  Some summer sunday evening a missionary would come to share at our church.   They were always wearing awkward clothes and trying to get you to eat strange foods.  Then they would pray or preach in a foreign language.   I use to think that is great, but not for me.
   Here I am now, no Sara and I, no really Sara, Amelia, Meredith and myself living as missionaries.   God has called our whole family.  We, as a family, are trying to determine what that means together.   How will God shape us?  How will God use our hands in the dental clinic, in the hospital...and how will He use the smallest hands in our family as Meredith makes a friend?   


Anonymous said...

And this, Malin, is why we stay tuned, why we pray, and why we love each one of you.

Your praying friend,
Kathy Bend, OR

Megan N said...

Malin - that reminds me of the Christmas dinerrs where mom would invite international USU students and assign us homework for the day. We had to talk to one of the students and learn something new to report back later.

Anonymous said...

Malin and Sara,
What beautiful thoughts and photos! We are praying for you and really enjoy reading your posts. Don't worry about being peculiar...really, who would want to be friends with normal people? Far too boring! :)