Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A New Direction

New tickets, new visas, new location... new plans, but perhaps not new to God. After feeling certain our visas would not arrive in time to fly Nov 18th and almost certain it could be 3 more months of waiting, we discussed our options with World Medical Mission. Several ideas were discussed and after praying about options this weekend and emails with other hospitals we felt confident beginning to serve at Tenwek Hospital in Kenya. This commitment is intially for 3 months. As my parents were already headed to Kenya for medical missions Nov 21st, Lord willing we will be flying out with them.

What has already happened amazes us. Our tickets to Cameroon were refunded enough to cover the cost of flying to Kenya and we were able to get on the same flights as my parents. Visas are easier to obtain to Kenya. Tenwek also had housing available, which is remarkable. Also, the local dentist had just requested World Medical Mission to send help.

There is still one big hurdle. We will be going Friday to Seattle to obtain a 2nd passport. This way our permanent passports can remain in the States for visas to Cameroon and we can still travel to Kenya. Once this is obtained I just have to pack everything-up into 12 fifty pound luggage pieces and we will be good to go. At this time we believe God will still bring us to Cameroon; we just don't know when. Thank you to all who are praying.


jennifer said...

YEAHH!!! I love Kenya!! I am not sure where this hospital is in Kenya but I can put you in touch with the people I still have contact with in the Presbyterian Chruch USA/Nairobi there that will welcome you and provide whatever assistance they can...let me know!!

Anonymous said...

God is so good and His plans are always so above and beyond. I know that many good things await ALL of you in Kenya.

With many prayers and love to you,
Kathy - Bend, OR

Anonymous said...

What exciting news... I can't believe after all this praying and planning you leave in a week! I'm glad you're seeing God's hand of guidance. Love you!


amy said...

We are praying for you today as you go to get second passports. I'm so glad this opportunity arose for you - although we still wish God had sent you back to Akron! :)

Laurie said...

Ooooooooooohhhhhhh Cameroon is working its magic again...I'm sorry to hear that your visas have not come through. Kenya should be amazing and perhaps a nice bridge between the US and Cameroon--a good intro for your kids into the non-US world!