Saturday, November 15, 2008

2 sets of passports

Well, we've learned a few things in the past several days. First, the government does issue 2nd passports. Second, those passports last for 2 years. Third, you have to have birth certificates, letters from employers, current passports, photo identification, plane tickets, official letters of request for a 2nd passport, passport applications, photos for the applications, $130/person, and finally you have to appear in person at one of 8 regional centers if you have children. And thankfully we had all we needed and now proudly own 2 sets of passports. Just our Kenyan medical licenses are left to obtain. Thanks to all who prayed this would go smoothly.


Anonymous said...

And our Lord continues to bless the Friess family.

Thank you so much for being diligent to let us your Blog Family know how our prayers are being answered. It is so nice to be a part of your lives this way.

Have a blessed week!

Kathy Bend, OR

Clark said...

We are glad to hear things have smoothed out. Our thoughts are with you are you begin this journey.

Clark and Kate