Monday, November 10, 2008

Empty Hands

Our hands are empty. Empty of the equipment we sent to Cameroon, empty of visas, empty of the sale of our house, empty of most of the stuff that used to be in our home, and empty from the goodbyes to most of our family and friends. In this emptiness it's easy to despair; we feel daily the Lord reminding us, "That a person plans their course, but the Lord directs their path." And in that we have hope. We believe God is sovereign and that God has a plan. We are confident God desires us to continue pursuing medical missions and are looking at opportunities while awaiting our visas. So for now we are asking: what does the Lord want to fill our hands with?
When God makes our path clear, we look forward to sharing that with you.


Amy, Derek, Quinn and Sarah said...

A pastor friend once told that when God is busy doing a new thing (the very thing that our heart needs/desires) God keeps us distracted so we won't mess it up! I've found great comfort in this during times of uncertainty...God is buy creating something beautiful for both you and the world. I'll keep praying for your and for God's will to be done. This is all leading somewhere...God is good!

jennifer said...

jen, robert, harper and simon....i know that uncertantity can be so darn hard!! patience is a tough thing to deal with. you are in our prayers..

Anonymous said...

Friess Family,

One thing I know for sure, you are full of the prayer of friends and family. God's timing is perfect. Enjoy this time in His hands.

We love you very much.

Kathy, Bend, OR