Thursday, September 25, 2008

Generosity in the Darnest of Places

I remember after Wheaton changed it's mascot from the Crusaders to the Thunder the Chicago Tribune entitled an article about the change "Sensitivity in the Darnest of Places." The article's title implied that it was shocking that a  Christian university would think about being cultural sensitivity. We're experiencing some of that same shock with the generosity of secular corporations that have provided thousands of dollars worth of medical and dental supplies. I assumed that the minute we asked for donations for a Christian hospital we would be turned down. I could not have been more wrong. From an ultrasound, fetal dopplers, microscope, surgical instruments, dental hand pieces, toothbrushes, disposable gloves, our UPS man has been busy delivering. The picture is our latest arrival. If you read the package closely you'll see our delivery man is probable a little confused as to why I would need 300 of these delivered to our home! We're also taking bets on how quickly I will use all of these in Cameroon.

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