Monday, September 22, 2008

Our commissioning service took place Sunday, September 21st.  Pastor Derek said, "Sometimes I think you're crazy". Sometimes we think we're crazy too.... what are we doing trying to pack up 2 kids and move to Cameroon? What are we thinking trying to sell our house in this market and not have steady careers mapped out? How can we possible pull this off in the next two months? But in the end, we agree we'd be crazier to ignore the over 300 verses in the Bible about caring for the poor and crazier still if we didn't go. God has prepared our hearts in ways no words can articulate.  We've been using this quote a lot from Philip Yancey, "I used to believe that Christianity solved problems and made life easier. Increasingly I believe my faith complicates my life in ways it should be complicated. As a Christian I cannot NOT care about the environment, about poverty and homelessness, about racism and religious persecution, about injustice and violence. God does not give me that option." How this plays out in each person's life and walk of faith looks different. For some people it's church commitments, others public service,  or volunteering, or giving generously... for us it's working and living the next two years in Cameroon.
 Amelia sang after the service at the missions festival. Here's a short clip of the choir singing.

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