Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

My Mother's Day gift came Sept 27th ...The Akron Marathon began at 7am. And I finished 4 hours 13 minutes later.  Malin and Derek gave us the gift of registration and promised to make sure Amy and I had adequate time together to prepare. Unlike Malin, who will run a marathon without training, we ran, a lot. Because of the heat our runs usually began around 6 am. The peace and solitude of the early morning inspired us many miles. But during the marathon it was the cheers, crowds, and other runners that kept us going. The marathon didn't end quite like I had envisioned. Amy felt ill most of the marathon so we decided to separate about 15 miles in. After Amy finished she went to the medic tent and then onto the ER. Thankfully some IV fluid and sodium made her better. 

My sister Ana is training for her marathon on Oct 18th. We're going to be going to visit her in Denver Oct 22nd. There's one 10k run we can do together during our visit. The only catch is you have to wear a gorilla suit the entire way! 

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Ana Meyer said...

Great job, Sara!