Monday, August 25, 2008

Nearly Labor Day

We enjoyed our weekend. Malin and I actually went on a date Friday night. After dinner we went rock climbing at an indoor arena. Malin told our sitter Ashley, "It was the worst date ever" because "Sara climbed up a wall I couldn't." Needless to say we will be going back to rock climb some more. Saturday I ran 18 miles in preparation for the Akron Marathon. Afterwards we went swimming with the kids and then out to dinner with friends. After church Sunday we took our bikes on the train and then attempted to bike back to our car. Poor Meredith got too hot and tired after 8 miles so Amelia and Malin biked the last 2 miles, got the car and met us. Before stopping we enjoyed some fresh, roasted, buttered, salted sweet corn and fruit sundaes. To finish out the weekend we shared a BBQ at our friends the Starr Redwines.These pictures are of Amelia and Meredith enjoying our porch during Sunday's thunderstorm. Wonder what will the storms be like in Cameroon?


Megan said...

That's some date - rock climbing! We usually go to the theater, maybe we should try something new.

Genet said...

You are my idols! I love how active your family is. We talk about doing that kind of thing and it never seems to materialize.