Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We survived

Many of you may think this title relates to our camping trip over Labor Day weekend, but actually it's for completing our first week of homeschooling. As there are no international schools near our hospital in Cameroon, Amelia started Kindergarten at home. So far, she's been an enthusiastic student. Although hand writing lessons have been tough as no one wants either Malin or mine handwriting! We're reading through the Bible with her, the Boxcar children, and many other stories. She's got daily math assignments and science projects (which are by far her favorite subjects). Last, we are learning a Bible verse for every letter of the alphabet.  She will attend preschool for one month prior to leaving Akron just for the social interaction. There is also a primary school close to our home in Cameroon which we may enroll her in to supplement our teaching as well.


Genet said...

I will be thrilled to see your homeschooling goes. We are excited and nervous for this new adventure. But I really feel like it is what the Lord would have me do with Jackson right now.

Amara said...

This is great info to know.