Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Back to Work

Well July 1st came and that meant returning to Akron General to finish. I had really enjoyed the month off to study, and of course it helps that it's one of the nicest times of year in Akron. As I left early this morning I was reminded how many mornings I've missed seeing Amelia and Meredith wake-up. 

The test went well...I think, but don't get the results until after I graduate in Sept. So, another lesson in patience for me. Patience has never come easy for me. 

We were very encouraged today to find out how much First Reformed Church of Oak Harbor will be supporting our mission trip, both financially and in prayer. We're looking forward to speaking with the church in August. Our church in Akron is also planning on holding a luncheon in our honor and commissioning service late September. 

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