Thursday, June 26, 2008

We did something radical today... well actually it's not that big, but we did sell our TV. No more television at the Friess's. Apparently I sold it for a good price given the 50 responses I had to the Craig's List ad in 12 hours. It took up quite a bit of space and our living room looks much better. Now on to the painting...

Amelia played with her friend Ruby today. As I was mulching I found a baby frog which is now sleeping next to her bed in a cage. Amelia understands I want the frog out of our house by tomorrow and so she told me this will just be like a "sleep-over" or "vacation" for the frog. Oh and she named it too, "Frogme." I wonder how long it will actually be around.

Meredith gets a check-up tomorrow and I think 4 shots. She's proudly walking down the stairs now. This week her vocabulary has really grown. 

Only 3 days left before Boards, 4 days left before I return to residency and 30 days left before we leave for Oregon. Guess I better get a good night's sleep and keep studying. 

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Megan said...

We haven't watched tv since June 1. The kids are more creative with more free time, and I think it is harder for the grown-ups to live without tv.