Sunday, June 22, 2008

Moving and Going

We had a busy week. Studying, enjoying time with the girls, camping at Put-in-Bay with our friends Derek, Amy, Sarah and Quinn, church picnic, running, yard sale, and choosing a realtor... It's starting to really become real that we are moving. It's also a bit overwhelming all that needs to happen. We've got to clean, paint, organize, pack, take medical equipment to Chicago (to later go on to Cameroon) and perhaps the hardest part, deciding exactly what to take. What clothes, toys and household items do we bring for the next two years?

Amelia is rather sentimental and hasn't found a toy, clothing item, or decoration she wants to leave behind. I keep watching her take-out what I put in the trash or a box and start explaining to me why it needs to stay out. 

Several missionaries in Cameroon have provided a  list of what to take. So I guess that's where we will start. 

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