Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Amelia, No biting your sister Meredith!

We look over to see Amelia saying, "Meredith sweetie it's ok, I'll kiss your finger."  Meredith elicits a loud scream.   Two bite marks appear on her index finger. 
     "Mommy," Amelia says, "Meredith saw the gum in my mouth and she put her finger in my mouth to try to get it out and I bited her."
      Amelia spent the next hour in her room on her bed thinking about what she should not have done.  Amelia then wrote the following note: 

                    BITING IS NAUGHTY
                    I WILL NOT BITE
                    SORRY MEREDITH
                    I WILL BEHAVE --   AMELIA
(attached is the picture showing Meredith's shiner above her left eye after falling down the stairs)

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Megan said...

Malin - you've been busy blogging. I like to read it, keep it up! Anna likes to bite Esther too. Something about those cute chubby fingers. Megan