Monday, June 16, 2008

Roadtrip to Alexandria, Virginia

Friday we left on a 360 mile trip through Pennsylvania, Maryland & Virginia across I-70 to Alexandria Virginia.  
     Saturday the family road the Metro Blue line from King Street Station directly to the Smithsonian stop.  We came up the escalator and to our right was the Washington Monument, to our left was the Capitol, and all around us was the humid weather of our Nation's capital.  We spent several hours at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural Science.  Amelia particularly enjoyed the life butterfly exhibit.  We saw the T-Rex skeleton, Hope Diamond, and touched Moon Rock.   Amelia wanted to see, "where the President lives," but Pennsylvania Ave proved to be to far of a walk.  Amelia also wanted to see, "Hillary Clinton." We took the blue line back to Arlington National Cemetery.  A trolley tour paid honor to the many fallen soldiers, presidents, chief justices, and journalists of our great nation..a cemetery that will fill in 2020..At 3:00 we called it quits and hit the pool back at the hotel to Meredith and Amelia's delight!  You can see the Washington Monument behind Sara's left shoulder.
     Sunday Zobapago ( explains more) debuted at the Alexandria Red Cross Kids festival.  Our music and act was well received by the parents and children attending.    It may have been the first and only time in my life where my bongos and conga drums were sound checked!  The back-stage pass for myself and family was unexpected.  Ralph's world followed Zobapago.  Amelia met Ralph and he signed her frisbee.  It was a wonderful Father's day to have the love and presence of my favorite girls..Sara, Amelia, & Meredith.

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