Monday, July 7, 2008

Amelia's Myringotomy Reversal

Amelia was sedated under light general anesthesia and her tubes in her left and right tympanic membrane were removed.  The surgery took 30 minutes.  Bleeding occurred and was treated with gel-foam in her ears.  Amelia woke up from the sedation hysterical about the "boo-boo" on her left hand from the IV insertion site.  Sara was their to comfort Amelia as she kicked her legs trying to shake off the BP cuff.  
Amelia screamed, "The doctor said it wouldn't hurt.  It hurts.  The doctor was wrong."  Grampie our favorite ENT was not available for an immediate consult.   
Amelia is recovering well this evening after a few donuts and oreo cookies.  She is now making a bath tub for her pet frog and catching lightening bugs.  

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