Saturday, July 12, 2008

polio booster,yellow fever & typhoid

The whole family made the uplifting trip to the Summit County Health Department for our vaccinations of all the rare diseases Africa offers.  After 2 hours of counseling with the travel consultation nurse the Friess family was tired of being poked.  Malin took 3 shots to the left arm without tears.  Meredith had 2 shots to her left cute chubby thigh with 10 seconds of fear, crying, trembling, and a flinch of her thigh.  Amelia screamed hysterically, "No, No, don't let them do it..They said it would only be one shot and it was two.  It hurts.  It hurts. It hurts.  It hurts."  Amelia was escorted immediatly out of the waiting room to avoid scaring the other chidren.  Sara bravely took her 3 vaccinations.

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