Saturday, June 7, 2008

Nana's Visit

We were so glad Mom came out for my graduation or at least that was the reason she gave, but we knew she really wanted to see the girls. Amelia and Meredith had so much fun putting together puzzles, shopping, playing dolls, and reading books with Nana. 
I was particularly honored to have her at my graduation. It's hard to believe my education is nearly complete, for a while. As Malin said, "I think the only person happier to see you finished is me." Technically I'm done Sept 30th, to make-up for the time I took off for Meredith. But I do have all this month off to study for the written boards June 30th.  So I better get studying, since playing Scrabble and shopping with mom was more enticing. 

The pictures are from graduation and Stan Hywet Hall and gardens. 

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