Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Amelia receives her diploma

Amelia has now graduated from St. Paul's Nursery school on May 21, 2008.  She received her diploma proudly.  Thankfully, she is moving on.  Amelia came home one day to tell me, "Daddy, hugging and kissing is not allowed at school."  
Oh really, "what happened?" I said.  
"Vince kissed me," Amelia bashfully exclaimed.
         "On the playground."
         "No, Amelia where?"  Amelia points to her left cheek much too close to her lips!
     "But I told my teacher and they told Vince that kissing and hugging is not allowed.  But Daddy Ben is really funny and he liked Lauren, but then Ben and I got to be line leaders and hold hands and now he likes me."

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Megan Nordlander said...

Atta girl, Amelia! You did it!