Friday, March 25, 2011

On the road....

We're in Rawlins for the night heading to Denver tomorrow. After an extended weekend there visiting family, we'll be heading to Albuquerque. Malin begins working April 4th. Amelia is traveling with us keeping Barley under control. Meredith flew with Grammie to Denver to spend some extra time with her cousins (but the real reason is that she's just not so great on road trips). Amelia has been bribed with a dollar per day she doesn't ask, "Are we there yet? or how much longer?" She's been creative and has asked, "What town do you think we'll eat in? What state will we sleep in tonight and are we in that State yet? Do you think I'll have enough time to watch Enchanted before we get there?" She's also reading out-loud to me in the car which is quite enjoyable. I was surprised when she asked me to continue home schooling her the next two months before I start fellowship. I'm still thinking about my answer.

As we drive I think of all that needs to happen once we arrive in Albuquerque, I find the extensive highway of 84 to 80 a perfect time to agonize over all that's coming, but it does seem that the speed of the car correlates with my anxiety level and so I'm reminded we are commanded by God to not worry, not to be anxious. So instead I think of all the ways God has provided in the past, confident He will continue to be faithful in the future.

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