Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"no wrong doing.."

It was more than I expected, but I am very grateful to have received an official letter from the Kenya saying there is no validity to the claims made against me and the hospital. Honestly I didn't believe resolution or even a favorable outcome was possible. And while I had committed this to prayer, along with many others, I did doubt that God would provide vindication. But there it is, written, clearly. How much peace this news brings!


afreakforjc said...

Hey, yay!

Alyssa said...

That's awesome, Sara! Bwana asifiye! BTW, your legacy is living on at Tenwek. Anthony Nakhisa is one of the people teaching me C-sections this month and he says he learned from you - so am I, indirectly! He speaks so highly of you - and of your Swahili ability. Agneta recently talked about how awesome you were for the OB department, too. Hope you can come back someday!

Patty said...

So happy for you Sara. I'm glad there is finally an end to your nightmare. I follow your blog and I am always sharing your stories with everyone at Akron General. I can't wait to pass on this news!!
Patty Barrett RN

The Drs. McLaughlin said...

Praise God, Sara! So glad you have some resolution and hopefully some peace. When are you moving to ABQ?

Christina said...

Such great news Sara! Praise the Lord!!! I hope the move goes well today. I'll try calling in a few days, after you're settled in.

Anonymous said...

Praise God! So, so happy to hear that. Hope you and the whole family are doing well.

Drs Hayward said...

We are rejoicing with you all the way from Michigan on the word from Kenya.
We too got a dog upon returning from Kenya. You all and your dog are welcome to visit anytime!
The Haywards

Esther said...

So thrilled to hear this news Sarah! I have prayed for you often over the past months! What a mighty (and just)God we serve!

Happy settling-in to your new home and job!

Esther Writebol

Samantha said...

So glad to hear the good news! Have been thinking about my time at Kijabe as I prepare another talk about it and am so thankful for your hospitality while I was there--always nice to have an Akron connection! Will be praying you get settled in easily to your new home!
Samantha Gunkelman