Friday, November 19, 2010

Piano Performance

We have finally been diligent in practicing the piano. Amelia's hard work shows as she has completed the primer level and now can read the grand staff and play parts with both hands. This past weekend she performed in the RVA piano recital. I was proud of her. Last minute we added Meredith into the piece by having her jingle the bells. Without prompting or explanation Meredith bowed with us at the end-- it was too cute.


Anonymous said...

Very well done. You strike the piano well with your hands. Nice bow meredith. We were singing along to Jingle Bells.
Grammie and Grampie

Anonymous said...

You go girls! I love it and am very impressed! It's nice to see Meredith up there for moral support and great playing Amelia! Love Auntie K

Joan said...

So cute! Enjoyed the performance!! It reminded me of Stacey at the piano with Sarah about 15 years ago... :) Love you guys!