Friday, November 19, 2010


by Amelia

I love cats.They are nice and soft.I want a cat.
Ben has a cat.Cats chase mice.Cats eat mice.
Ben's cat is named Theo.Cats are afraid of
dogs.There are lots of different kinds of
cats.They can be big or little.We will not
get a cat I think.Cats can wear clothes if
you want them to.Cats have eyes ears a
mouth and a nose.Cats can clime tall
trees.Cats play with yarn and a pretend
mouse toy.A cat will sleep in your bed.
Cats are warm when they are by you.
Cats have sharp nails.They can have a
shot and same medicine.If you have a
mouse in your house call a cat. They live different in places.
A cat will start as
a kitten then will grow up to a cat.
What kind of cat would you get?Cats are my favorite animal.
Some people are allergic to cats.THE END


Anonymous said...

Hi Amelia,
Known as "5 Cats And The Truth" in the blogging world, I just love, love, love this post of yours. You sure know cats. I love every one of mine - I will put up pictures on my blog of each one of them just for you.

Look for it soon.

Hugs, Kathy in Bend.

Anonymous said...

That was quite the story about cats. I would never have been able to think of that many facts about cats. Is your daddy one of those allergic to cats? Very well done! Whose cat is that in the picture?
Love, Grammie

Anonymous said...

The Cat pictured is "Z." We inherited Z for a few weeks when we first came to Kijabe then he got "lost" in the forest. He is and was and will be our only cat.