Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Many Faces of Goodbye

And now as our two year contract with Samaritan's Purse has come to an end in Kenya and it is time to say goodbye...

Goodbyes to the staff at the dental clinic and for Sara the maternity ward and Theatre. Friends gathered in a circle with me and one by one shared their thanks, tears, appreciation, prophesy (that God would bring us back again), and prayers of blessings for myself and my family as we go. It was moving and surprising in a reserved culture where thanks is not commonly used that an impact was made even in people when you least expected.

Goodbyes involve tears represented by chalk images drawn by Amelia. Her pictorial response of her feelings in saying goodbye to Mocha our dog the past 18 months. Mocha moved to the orthopedist house (even with many attempts to escape back to our house), Lucy the gold fish moved to a dorm at RVA, and Flower the Bunny escaped to the forest.

Goodbyes to CS Meredith's best friend. Their smiles and hugs say it all.

Goodbyes to close friends in the mission community like the Shirley's were too hard to verbalize...and just better left at "we'll see you later."

Goodbyes to "things" brought relief as couches, piano, and our car all sold within two weeks and the rest was given to those who needed...coming back with much less than we brought.

Goodbye to the beautiful sunsets of the Great Rift Valley and the moderate sunny climate in which the Meredith & Amelia wore sundresses every day.

Goodbyes to a kenyan culture that we have grown to love.

Kwaheri Kenya!


Anonymous said...

I cried when you went two years ago and now I am crying as you return to the states because even if it is right, goodbyes are hard and bonds in the missioanry community are strong. How wonderful to be affirmed as you go. Well done all of you as you have served to the best of your abilities. We are proud of you. Welcome home.
Mom F.

Anonymous said...

So sad for these good-byes but we will welcome you home with open arms and prayers for your Next Chapter.

Amelia, I posted an introduction to the first two of my 5 kitties just for you on my blog. Check it out !

Kathy in Bend

Anonymous said...

Good-byes are hard. Now you're making me cry too! I'm so proud of how you've sacrificed and served the past two years. Love,


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