Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Prove Me Wrong

There are so many good organizations, charities, and NGO's in which to donate; but I am convinced that supporting young Christian doctors to voluntarily serve at least 2 years in a third world setting (making a fraction of what they are worth back in the West) sharing Christ's love through compassionate healing is one of the best impacts that can be made to change the world for His Kingdom dollar for dollar.

I am not good at all at asking for money...and I try not to ask very often. But medical doctors and dentists could not provide care on a daily basis at mission hospital with the Post-Residency Program if it were not for your generous financial donations. In the past it has been labors intensive to logistically give to our account with Samaritan's Purse and WMM. It required our account number, a check, a stamp, the right address, and a mail-box (one donor even got lost in the word of charities and donated to Doctor's Without Borders...a worthy cause, but not us). For many in our generation (Facebook, Amazon, I-tunes & Skype) sending a donation by check and mail is just too slow and cumbersome. For months we have asked that Samaritan's Purse consider setting up online donations to our project account. And to be honest I thought SP was trigger slow and or indifferent (not believing this would truly help).

Online giving to our project account is now available at:

With just a click at the above website and search (Friess or Cichowski) you will see a picture of our family. This will allow 100% of your tax-deductable donation to go to our project account to support things like patient surgeries, medicine, building a new dental clinic at Tenwek, transporting donated medical supplies.

I told the administrators and IT people at Samaritan's Purse that the ease of online donations would increase the frequency of those that give and expand the donating base (I hope I am right), particularly if we made the information available on our blog.

I can't preach to you without trying myself. So I gave online donating a try and in less than 3 minutes (even with Kenyan speed internet) our donation to Friess PRP account was made. It's as easy as buying a song on I-tunes.

While we have been supported generously and never lacked (thank-you), often the number of our monthly supporters can be counted on just one hand. Seeing the names of those regular monthly supporters is our biggest encouragement, but I believe there could be even more people involved. I started if off and I would like to see at least 20 donations made (the amount is of less importance) to in the next few days. Maybe it is unlikely? Prove me wrong.

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