Sunday, October 3, 2010

Meet Odete Lauren Friess

Meredith Lauren Friess has been informing everyone that as of her 4th birthday, December 16th, she is changing her name to Odete Lauren Friess. Odete is the name of her favorite dancing princess and therefore Meredith hopes to become her by changing her name!

Meredith also told me that,"God made Uncle Jason very silly!" I asked her how God made her and she exuberantly exclaimed, "God made me happy!" Of course I was delighted when she added, "And God made mommy beautiful."

Last night she went to bed complaining that I only gave her 1 dinner and she wanted at least 2. She also persuaded me to keep the quilt I made for the maternity ward and put it in her bedroom by exclaiming, "Mommy, that is the most beautiful quilt I've ever seen. I love it! Please, please, please can you put it in my room so I always can look at it?"

Meredith brings much joy to our family and it is a gift to have her call me "Mommy."


Anonymous said...

Just so you know... Jason is still known as "silly guy" in our house and we smile everytime we think of "Odete", but we won't call her that until Dec 16. And we would still like to know if grown-ups die when they stop growing:) She is like sunshine in a bottle! Love,

Auntie Kiersten & The Silly Guy himself.

Anonymous said...

Ya just gotta love it !!!!!
Kathy in Bend