Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Suggestions for fun in the Pacific Northwest

We always enjoy hiking, biking, beach combing, shell hunting, kite flying and seafood when on Whidbey Island. But for our readers who live in the Pacific Northwest a few other ideas are the kangaroo farm in Arlington (yes, no kangaroos in Kenya) and the girls even ended-up on the Evening Magazine TV show, the Children's Museum in Burlington, and if you know my father or think you might like to know him a crabbing/shrimping/fishing trip is always fun. He's not really picky about who comes in the boat. I think his basic requirements are a license to harvest things out of the ocean, not too chatty (unless you want to talk fishing), non-smoking, and patience as he tries to find the perfect spot. Well, judging by the size of that crab he usually finds what he's hoping to catch. Too bad seafood doesn't travel well to Kenya.

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