Sunday, September 19, 2010


Quite honestly we tried to get perfect, smiley pictures of the cousins, but in the end some of the best pictures were when they pulled silly faces. Looking at these pictures it feels like more than 8 days have passed since returning to Kenya. Since returning Amelia has resumed school, soccer, piano and started her car for the pinewood derby, Meredith has played with Claire each day, started preschool, decorated herself and room with stickers, and managed to cut open both knees, Malin returned to working at the dental clinic, playing soccer, running and reading apologetics, I was supposed to take this week to sort out our home lives but have ended-up delivering 4 babies at all hours of the day/night, seeing private clinic patients, attending a Bible study, arranging to resume teaching piano lessons, and (thankfully) some quilting and running. There are many good things about being here, at Kijabe, in Kenya, but we also believe that God is leading us to move again, this time to New Mexico by July 2011 for my fellowship. When and how this will happen we're still sorting out, but we trust in the provision of God.

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Genet said...

Wow! What busy times. Hopefully you'll have a little time in Oregon again before heading to New Mexico. What adventurous lives you lead.