Friday, August 6, 2010


Thank you for the e-mails, face-book messages, blog comments, calls and flowers this past week! Each brought a smile to my face as a reflected on some of the amazing people in my life. 

My parents were able to come to Bend for 3 days so Malin could return to the girls and the rest of his family at Crescent Lake. Mom and Dad will leave today and Malin and the girls will return. I'm eager to see them. Until I'm medically cleared we will stay in Bend, Oregon. 

It seems I've been the patient too often this past year. And I really don't enjoy resting, never have liked to nap and don't generally sit still. Television really is not that entertaining; I mostly find myself annoyed: that people get rewarded for having filthy houses (like in Clean Sweep), can talk about how hard  it is to find the perfect home for 1 million (don't we all feel sorry for them), I certainly don't want to see 19 kids and counting, the news has had nothing on the constitutional election in Kenya, and my usual default--cooking shows, just makes me nauseated. But I will admit I'd still be happy to appear on What Not to Wear (who wouldn't want personal shoppers and 5000 dollars for new clothes).

So I'll keep reading, take some slow walks, and try to use the time to reflect on the past year. Or maybe I should try just to rest?

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Aj said...

Rest is hard when your mind is always ongoing but I thank God for your faith and knowledge of his personal steadfast love for you and your family - and for your honest sharing so our prayers can be most relevant to your needs. I am praying for you and thank God for you and his loving presence in your life and future.