Friday, June 4, 2010

Your Generosity Has Done This...Part V

This Chappell grand piano was donated to AIC church in Kijabe in 1963.   When we arrived this grand piano had missing strings, was sitting cattywampus because of a broken front leg, and was sorely out of tune.  Apparently, some children forced their way into the church and started  jumping on the piano for several days until someone realized what had happened.  Consequently the lid has been shut on this fine grand piano for the past year; silenced and dysfunctional.  

 Well, that didn't sit right.  It says in Psalm 33, 

Sing to him a new song, 
Play skillfully and shout for Joy.   

Thanks to many of your generous donations the piano is making music once again.   Because of your donations, funds were available to repair the broken leg, replace the missing strings and tune the piano (not an easy thing in Kenya to find a piano tuner) to pitch.   God is glorified through music.  And God is also glorified in your giving.  Thank-you!   

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