Saturday, June 5, 2010

More Than Crumbs

      In an old missionary autobiography, the author describes how the only support his family received was the left over crumbs.  When back visiting their home church on furlough, first the regular offering plate would go around.  Then the second plate would go around and his family would watch, just hoping their was enough for his family to survive.  All the time seeing the offering plate not as an act of generosity, but more akin to panhandling.  He claimed that while in Africa they received such donations as used tea bags (Does a teabag still have flavor after 6 months?).  Living off a crumbs reminded me of these 3 warthogs balanced on their knees scrambling to snort up the left-overs.  Fighting over crumbs.  

Our experience has been just the opposite.   Rather than scrambling for crumbs, your support for our family and the medical/dental ministry in Kenya has been abundant, thoughtful, and creative.  

A class of Sunday school students sending cards and pictures to Amelia and Meredith and adopting them into their class.  The girls read and reread every card.   

A seller on Amazon refunding my purchase fee on a used Christian book after accidentally finding out we were missionaries with Samaritan's Purse.  He insisted he send the book at no cost.  Thanks, I will probably never know who you are.

Faithful family, friends, and churches who month after month give generously to our project account.  Seeing your name every month provides encouragement and accountability.

A women's group who knits warm hats for premature babies in the NICU.  Little heads are warm.

The care packages of things we can't get in Kenya (chocolate chips, stickers, home-made t-shirts for the girls, Starbucks coffee, Poptarts, Crystal Light).  A taste of home is appreciated.  

The one time donations at times from strangers that comes just at the right time to support a project in need.  We are often surprised.

A waitress nearly 2 years ago who was at church the same day of our missions conference and paid our dinner tab. I'm sure out of her own salary, not the restaurant.  Thank-you.  

And all the other unspoken prayers and encouragement we may never know about.  I assure you it has all been exceedingly More Than Crumbs.



Anonymous said...

God has blessed you abundantly. Your words touched my heart. Thank you for sharing the many ways in which your lives have been touched by people from around the world and giving thanks.
Mom F

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