Sunday, April 18, 2010

You Tube Video

Sara has put together some pictures and music of what is happening with our family in Kenya. With recently better internet service we have finally been able to link it to our blog in a functional form. I think you will enjoy it! The easiest way to view this 7 minute video is to double click on the video screen to the right (not the red play button) and you will automatically be linked to the you tube clip. Let us know if it works!


jedonnell said...

I love the video! What a wonderful glimpse into your life and work. God be praised! We love you all and keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Dad and I loved the video. Well done! We saw a lot of familiar pictures which reminds us of the wonderful time we had with you not too many months ago. Thanks for sharing with everyone.
Love, Grammie

Anonymous said...

Good job and Thank you so much. I hope you will do more of this as it is so nice to have pictures and music added to your words - the ultimate blog.

God Bless all of you,
Kathy in Bend

Anonymous said...

Yes, it worked! Jason and I just watched it with a few tears (from me, not Jason. Ha, ha!) Thanks sooooo much for putting that together and sharing. I loved it. What amazing experiences you all are having and what a blessing you are to the people of Kenya. Great worship song in the background too. Love and miss you all,

Kiersten & Jason