Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What's next? (Part 1)

Put on your old college cap and go back to your senior year. Do you remember the question you were asked as graduation approached (whether it was dreaded or eagerly anticipated) what are you going to do next. As we advance into the latter third of our 2-year our post-residency program, understandably we get the same Friess Family, what are you going to do next? Believe me I want to know the answer even more than the person asking.

It’s a serious question that deserves a prayerful, discerning response. I’ll tell you what the easy answer is...whatever God wills for us. Which is Christianese for, “we really don’t know right now, but whatever it is, it can’t be argued with because it comes from God.” But it begs perhaps the most popular and valuable question almost any person faith has ever asked; God what is your will for me?

God where should I go to college? God should I take the job that pays the most? God should I marry him? God should I move across the country for this opportunity? God should I be spending so much time in this hobby? God is this the right church for our family? God do I stick with it, or pack it up and find something new? God when do I start a family? God right now what is the best way to discipline my child? God am I right to hold my own or should I be apologizing? God is it the right time to get back into real estate or the stock market? God when do I retire and what do I do with my life?

Wouldn’t an all-knowing and all-loving God be 1) able to know what is the best path for your future and 2)and also want to tell you as His love requires that your best interests are close to His heart?

So how come almost any Christian at times in their life feels lost when it comes to knowing God’s will?

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Anonymous said...

I am praying for God's answer to you. It is a serious, challenging time and I have felt that "lost" feeling; whew.

Prayer is how we can throw our arms around the Friess Family in Kenya and the US and let you feel our love and support. You have mine.

Kathy in Bend