Friday, April 9, 2010

Complicated pregnancies

I saw a patient who was now 28 weeks pregnant. What made this so significant is that she has lost 9 pregnancies between 10-20 weeks. About 4 months ago I put a cerclage (a stitch to keep the cervix closed) and started her on progesterone. There she was hoping for a good outcome this time, praying for a live baby to hold. Then I saw a woman 32 weeks pregnant with twins (one having died in utero at 28 weeks) who had previously had 3 stillbirths from hypertension. Her pressure was high today, so she's admitted, getting steroids for lung maturity and will likely be delivered this weekend when I'm on-call.

Sometimes the stories I hear I don't want to even believe because it seems so cruel the suffering these women have faced. Yet I know God is love and that God loves these women. And so, I cling to that.

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Anonymous said...

We are praying for a quiet weekend of call for you Sara.
Love, Grammie