Thursday, March 18, 2010

"The World's Worst Country"

Have you read the awards for best city in America to live in and they come out with towns like Kalispell, Montana, Ft. Collins, Colorado, or Amelia Island, Florida. I've never seen the opposite list of most down-and=out towns in America (Detroit, Michigan, Youngstown, Ohio, etc). But recently the Economist came out with an award for the world's worst country in the year ahead (2010).

They say, "calling this country is a stretch. It has a president, prime minister, and a parliament but with little power outside their capital city. Even their presidential palace requires an outside peacekeeping force to protect the president. In this country more than 40% of the population need food aid to survive and one in every 5 children is malnourished. 1.5 million people live in dire, temporary camps. The future of this country is bleak. The country has a meager economy, and the aid that has been promised often can not get to the people who need it because security can not be guaranteed."

Residents of this country come to Kijabe Hospital frequently for care. I am told this people group is amazed at how quiet the hospital is without the noise of any gunshots or explosions that they are accustomed to hearing back home. Their greeting I have learned is Nabut Mia. This translates to 'is their peace'...that being the first thing they ask anyone they meet. The only history they know is instability, fighting, violence, and civil war for the past 20 years.

I don't write this to knock them down...but to recognize what an opportunity we have at Kijabe to have them come to our hospital. Inside they are likely broken, fearful, and uncertain about their future. If you have not guessed which country this is...the dubious honor of world's worst country goes to our neighbors occupying the Horn of Africa...Somalia.

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The Friess Family said...

I read that AK-47 was given out to reward a recent spelling B-champ in this country discussed.