Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Amelia's favorite game. We play over and over and over. And while the game teaches to say, "Sorry," it does so while you are intentionally making the other person lose. There's something sort of wrong about tritely saying, "Sorry," and making the person start over time and time again. But wait the opponent also gets to smile and say, "Sorry," as your player goes back to start. Has anyone else ever been bothered by the lesson taught in this game? It seems to teach: say "sorry" and you can do anything you want to the other player!

Alright maybe I'm taking the game to seriously or just trying to find an excuse not to have to play again!

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Jennifer said...

This post made me laugh because I am quick (Darin says too quick) to analyze things like "Sorry." We don't have the game, but I think it would bug me too. :)